Tech Solvency / Contact



Telephone: 907-522-7478 (Monday-Friday 6pm-8pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-8pm)
Cell: by arrangement


Twitter: @TychoTithonus or @techsolvency

Freenode: tychotithonus (#hashcat, #hashtopolis, #mdxfind, #passwordscon, etc.)
GitHub: roycewilliams
hashcat forum: royce

PGP: E340 0759 8E06 DE8F 6CB8 DC33 501C 0AB5 1776 A531
Keys and attestations are at Keybase (royce).
Note: Keybase should probably only be used without disclosing your private keys to Keybase.

More about me:

Response times: I cannot generally provide emergency services during normal business hours. Allow 24 hours for response, or arrange to have my mobile number.

Rates: Before contacting me about work, review my consulting rates.

NOTE: Work outside of my day job is governed by certain restrictions.