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I'm Royce Williams. I work in information security. Tech Solvency is where I conduct independent research. I live in Anchorage, Alaska with my family.

I am a public-interest technologist at heart. I believe that the keepers of technology should first do no harm (though second-order effects mean trade-offs - for example, a surgeon does some "harm" cutting into a patient, for the patient's own good). Shostack's concept of cyber public health aligns with my feelings here.

This page informs assessment of my digital presence.

Significant summaries

Research and professional interests



"Just doing my undue diligence." (In the ha ha only serious tradition.)

Twitter Policy

I have a Twitter-specific landing page (interests, policies, and sample tweets).


I have been online since I was 17, so judge accordingly.


Undue diligence that I'm proud of: professional ...

... and personal


My undertaking is not difficult, essentially ... I should only have to be immortal to carry it out. - Jorge Luis Borges

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