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Royce's YubiKey collection

I am always looking for new, legacy, or unusual security keys for the lab - contact me!
I'm especially interested in rare YubiKeys for my collection. (Yes, I collect YubiKeys!)

What is a YubiKey?

A YubiKey is a kind of security key made by Yubico, the first major innovator in the space.



Many YubiKey integrations are listed and explained in Yubico's Works with YubiKey catalog.

The list can be narrowed down based on what key you have, what protocol is supported, etc. For example, you can see all apps supported by the Security Key NFC.

Here is a selected list of integrations - those supporting FIDO2/WebAuthn or U2F (so, all Yubico Security Keys and YubiKeys)

And here are some YubiKey OTP-based integrations (which predate U2F/WebAuthn):

Support claimed, but appears to be missing:

Support also varies by platform:

Other references