Tech Solvency / ASD Distance Learning

Main setup

Personal Google/Chromebook login:

Changing Google password

Zoom etiquette (ASD)

ASD Learning resources

Summer learning

Clever (main ASD distance-learning portal - includes links to Lexia, Math Whizz, and more):


Khan Academy

Educational podcasts

Sora - digital library

AK Learns / DEED



Math Whizz

Quizlet - spelling, good for 4th to 6th-grade spelling levels

Typing Agent - typing practice

Go Math!

ASD-wide resources

Other resources

How to make your own Chromebook from an old laptop

Useful Chrome Web Apps

Zoom security info

Summary: OK to keep using for now - just make some changes to settings!

These are the same changes needed to secure other platforms (Teams, WebEx, Hangouts, etc.)

Security tips


Hardening tips

News and analysis

Questions? Typos? Let me know!

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