Tech Solvency: Rates

Consulting and troubleshooting rates

Unlike some organizations, I won't make you fill out a sales-droid form before disclosing dollar figures.

My rates are hourly, and scaled relative to my preferences and existing commitments.

If you do not care what time of day I work for you, my aggregate rate is $150 per hour.

Otherwise, rates are distributed as follows.

Weekends, normal business hours (9am - 5pm) $125
Weekdays, evening hours (5pm - 10pm) $150
Weekends, evening hours (5pm - 10pm) $200
Weekdays, normal business hours (9am - 5pm)* $250*
Nights (10pm - 7am) $300
Early mornings (7am - 9am) $500
Friends and family discount (applied at my discretion) 50% off all rates
* My day job takes precedence. These hours are very scarce.

Rates are also adjusted based on (in/)flexibility of scheduling:

For some low-key activities, I aim for a stock time estimate. For example, when removing minor malware from personal computers, two hours of actual work is the estimated time required, even if I choose to spread this out across a couple of days, do other things while malware scans are running, etc. I will contact you for authorization if work is likely to exceed the estimate. Also be aware that more challenging or urgent work takes precedence, and that I usually only perform personal system maintenance for family, friends, and associates.

For other rates, including fixed-bid pricing for specific projects, contact me.